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Why the eye?

In Mexican culture the evil eye, or el mal ojo, is used to ward off bad spirits from people who have wished you harm.

I can remember many nights of my abuela making me sleep with an egg under my bed* or concocting herbal teas of canela (cinnamon) or manzanilla (chamomile) to soothe various ailments. Perhaps it is this respect for mysticism and tradition that encouraged me to seek out holistic remedies and believe in forces unseen.

A curandera is a Mexican healer who uses herbs, folk remedies, and a little bit of soul. glowithgrace is about combining these divine, ancient techniques with modern curiosity to glow brighter.

Let’s glow.

* When you believe someone has given you el mal ojo, the best remedy is to take an egg (preferably straight from a chicken), rub it over your body, crack it into a bowl of water, and place it under your bed. It will absorb the bad energy overnight and in the morning there will be a thin layer of film on top, sealing it in the bad energy.

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