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Let’s Talk Rocks – Crystal Conversation

Interested in starting your crystal collection? Let’s talk rocks.

Every crystal you find was formed millions of years ago by pressure, heat, and the minerals in the rocks around them. Because of this, their “crystalline” structure is stable and not easily disrupted. This mean they can vibrate and respond to energies around them.

What’s even more impressive is that every major civilization all over the world has used crystals in some way. Everybody wants to glow! Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used stones and amulets for protection. The Mayans, Aztecs, Incans, and Native Americans have used crystals as healing and good fortune. Indians and Japanese have used them for mediation and talismans.

To present both sides of the story, there are numerous scientific articles that dispute the healing properties of crystals. Regardless, even if crystals do only offer a placebo effect, they are a wonderful way to start your holistic health journey, and add a little sparkle to your life.

Choosing Crystals

I would recommend starting your journey at a crystal store. Purveyors of these stores are typically very knowledge and can answer any questions you may have. Something interesting I learned at one of these shops is that crystals “choose” you. Colors and types of stones that attract you are what you may need in your life at the moment.

If buying online, research the shop and where they obtain their gems. I sadly found out that many online shops will take cheaper, clear stones (sometimes even glass), dye them, and sell them as something else.

Using Crystals

There’s really no wrong way to use crystals. Place them around the house or office to counter bad energies. Wear them as jewelry to shine on and feel more balanced. I’ve heard some people eat them? Maybe seek out medical advice before consuming rocks…

A great way to get to know your stones is to meditate with them. When meditating with crystals, hold them in your left hand. This is your receiving side. After extended or extreme use, you may find your crystals heating up or changing color. Which leads to the next point...

Crystal Maintenance

Because of the energy exchange between stressed humans and crystals, it’s important to recharge them. You can do this several ways:

  • Moonlight - I recommend setting an intention and recharging your crystals each full moon.

  • Salt water - Place in a bowl, maybe overnight?

  • Rain water - Leave on a window ledge for a mother nature bath

  • Wearing them while doing activities that fulfill you

  • Smudging - Burn, baby burn (sage)

Gloguide to Crystals

Aside from wanting all the shiny things, what’s a good crystal starter kit? Here’s my gloguide:

  • Amethyst - Spirituality. Creativity.

  • Quartz - Meditation. Healing.

  • Rose quartz - Compassion. Appreciation. Love.

  • Green Aventurine - Optimism. Abundance. Prosperity.

  • Hematite - Grounding. Protection.

  • Lapis lazuli - Communication. Confidence.

  • Tourmaline - Cleansing. Transformation.

Shine bright like a ______ !

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