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Let's Talk Chakras - Connect and Reset

Even at the subatomic level, the atoms and quarks that make up the human body are just relationships of energy. Every interaction affects your energy, stress, chemistry, and emotions. Imagine a time when you received bad news, or were frightened by something, you felt that sensation all through your body.

Chakras are energy centers within the body that connect our physical body to our emotions. “Chakra” is the sanskrit word for wheel. These "wheels" help energy flow through the body smoothly.

Because we are constantly interacting with others and problem solving, our energy does not flow smoothly. It gets stuck near the source of the issue. Stress, trauma, and negativity affect your energy and can manifest in physical illnesses. For example, a sore throat may point to an unresolved communication issue. Digestive issues can be caused by emotional problems.

Here’s your quick gloguide to shock your chakras:

  • Root chakra - (typically associated with the color red) This chakra is at the base of spine and includes the colon and bladder. This chakra is foundational and provides a sense of being grounded and protected. It is blocked by fears or anxiety, especially about your past, home or childhood. It is unblocked by the opposite, addressing your fears and insecurities and learning to let them go.

  • Sacral chakra - (orange) The sacral chakra is from the pubic bone to the navel and responsible for pleasure, connection, emotion. It is blocked by guilt; unblocked by acceptance, both of yourself and within social circles.

  • Solar plexus chakra - (yellow) This chakra is at the stomach and upper abdomen. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for confidence, self-esteem, personal power. It is blocked by shame or feelings of inadequacy; unblocked by confidence and self-efficacy.

  • Heart chakra - (green) I bet you can guess where this chakra is located. Right in the middle of the chest, this chakra deals with love and joy. It is blocked by grief.

  • Throat chakra - (blue) In the throat, this chakra is our ability to communicate and express truth. This chakra is blocked by miscommunication and lies, especially the lies we tell ourselves. It is healed by acknowledging the truth, without judgement.

  • Third Eye chakra - (indigo) This chakra is in the middle of the forehead. It controls insight and intuition. Often we do not always follow our intuition, instead we talk ourselves out of our gut instincts. This illusion is what blocks this chakra. Meditating and connecting with your emotions can help you become more in tune with your third eye.

  • Crown chakra - (violet) Finally, this chakra is at the crown of head. It is our spiritual connection and our connection to cosmic energies. It is blocked by earthly attachments. The key to healing this chakra is letting go of attachments so that they no longer hold you back.

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